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A page dedicated to the rattiest, slowest and cheapest of all scca solo street prepared classesbut also the funnest. Scca announces changes to sm class modification rules. The rule book shall be applied in a reasonable and logical manner. I asked in the scca forum, and have gotten some varied answers from newbies, waiting for the scca mods to chime in there. You may also view a pdf copy of the clubs solo supplements on our public dropbox folder here solo supplemental rules. As utilized only on engines originally equipped with forced induction, induction charge heat exchangers also known as intercoolers or charge air coolers cacs are unrestricted in size and configuration. Welcome to the wild and wonderful hell months of wiregrass scca autocross. Exploring the ligandprotein networks in traditional. I plan on getting my gti in april and hope to attend my first autocross this year. Gcr 1 2017 edition general competition rules updated through tb 1702 sports car club of america, inc. In particular, all junior drivers must be scca members. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of issuus. Bsp is definitely not the right place for the car the 240z makes no sense to me, imho there is absolutely nothing to gain by putting this car in dsp.

Postrace, the top six cars were bounced from their finishing spots due to illegalbut apparently highly commonmodifications. Yea, i mainly do nonscca autoxs miata, pca, vette where theres very few cars there that arent of the make that is putting the autox on. Dsp is a class where typically very experienced drivers are building their cars up, so trying to catch up to them while building the car can lead to not getting the racing results you want and getting discouraged with autocross. Fia requires strap material be replaced every five years. Ive been annoyed by the scca rules for stx where the addition of an aftermarket lsd is concerned. This document is intended to only provide a simplified understanding of the scca classing structure, allowing a vehicle owner to quickly class their vehicle with reasonable accuracy. It shall not be given strained, or tortured interpretations. Autocross is a ton of fun, but there have to be some rules, so check out the scca rule book and susquehanna regions supplemental rules for 2016. Cny regional rules supplement junior drivers program. This is more of a place marker right meow as i havent done anything but a tune and muffler delete to my car, but this will be a mild build.

The parent or legal guardian must complete a minor liability waiver for all accompanied minors at the site. Minors all minors competitor or spectator at the event site must be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian during the entire course of the event. Simpson has announced a recall on their 2015 sa bandit helmets, if you purchased. The thread is used as an upcoming event reminder for any nesic members looking for clubs and racing events in the 2015 season. Sep, 2015 by sportchrono 2012 honda accord lx wifes car that sees an autocross course quite often by accident 18x8. This thread is for any and all questions related to autocross, no matter how simple or complicated they may be. Authors corrections may attract additional charges above and beyond the quoted price.

Vorshlag s197 development thread page 4 s197 mustang. It was also made to meet the somewhat arcane rules of scca street prepared. The modification categories have been laid out in a similar pattern as the scca rule book. It has all local events and links to clubs, races, etc the sports car club of america scca, porsche club assoc. Find a local event in your area the best and easiest way to find a local autocross event in your area is the website autox4u. Engine specifications cylinder head weight notes 302 ford current specs with the recommended changes.

Ofcourse, each driver likes a different feel and sway bars, springs, shocks, chassis stiffness. Solo results and standings official audited results should be available within 2 weeks of the event. Street 1 as, bs for aas, the 201518 ford shelby gt350 and 201718. At charlotte motor speedway, long sleeves and long pants are also required for any competition or performance driving events. Street prepared category cars running in street prepared category must have been series produced with normal road touring equipment, capable of being licensed for normal road use in the united states, and normally sold and delivered through the. It has the required auto blog up the nose shots along with some good editing and cone carnage. Cobalt ss na 0507 cobalt ss supercharged 0507 cobalt ss turbo 0810 dsp. Sfi requires strap material be replaced every two years. Current modifications suspensionhandling coilovers feal 441 gravel coilovers with. Scca reserves the right to revise these rules, to issue supplements to them, and publish special rules at any time at its. Affect the previous operation of any rule so annulled or anything duly done or suffered there under. A huge part of me wants to jump to cam, part of me wants esp and the remainder of me wants a.

Cars and rules is your home to view the current gcr, fastrack, recommended rule changes, race memos and member advisories. Cars eligible for ite must meet the following ite cal club rules, updated july 5, 2006. Nov 05, 2014 in the wake of the 2014 scca spec miata runoffs debacle on october 10 th at mazda raceway laguna seca in which the first six cars to finish the race were found to be out of compliance during postrace inspections, the scca has posted a memorandum outlining changes to class rules in order to address what has clearly become a widespread issue in sm racing. Topeka, ks 6619 18007702055 785 3577222 printed in the united states of america. Sound standard o maximum limit of 100db, a weighted, at the measuring point. I am a couple year member of this forum, and i am on my 4th svt right now. Only the fastest official run per course will be scored. Or possibly display in bold find your class here and link it to the rule book.

So my car is basically put together to just have fun with 5. Clarification on classes, first time solo racing sports. I come from a mild racing background stock cars, road racing. In some cases, the cars in the club racing classes have a sister series within the professional ranks, allowing many drivers to easily move to professional status from the competitive background of club racing. Preliminary unaudited results are available within 24 hours on the discussion forum. Sth street touring hatchback class question ford focus st. The content on this page will provide valuable information for road racing compliance in the scca. F street prepared does allow engine swaps between cars on the same line in the rule book but your 2. Scca dsp class post by dspxr4ti sun mar 26, 2006 1. Not sure they even have read thru and understand the scca solo rule book either ok, dont blame them too much on that one, it can be a pain last word i had with them was show me documentation the td had a t25 cause i could use the boost sooner and can deal with the little extra heat for a wider power band my friend with a stock 84 jetta td. This document is not intended to replace, or overrule, the official scca solo rules available at. I know hes cheating articles grassroots motorsports. Based off wanting to make my car more suitable for autocross and have a more euro sports sedan feel. To request a new car classification, adjustment or clarification on a rule, click on the link below to submit a letter.

So, with a set of coilovers that lower the car, you could compete in street prepared or street touring with no other changes. Street 1 as, bs for aas, the 201518 ford shelby gt350 and 201718 chevrolet camaro ss1le are bs. The following featured garage auto blog was brought to you by home depot. Hi, i am planning on running the 2015 autocross season in scca hstreet class in my 2002 focus svt. The solo board reserves the right to change any rule due to unforeseen circumstances. Dsp is the scca category and nv3 is a locally generated index class that similar cars are lumped together as novice drivers. I know hes cheating, because hes beating me and im cheating. Sth street touring hatchback class question page 3. This document is intended to only provide a simplified. This marks, for me anyway, the beginning of my ax efforts. Check through section 8 of the rule book for st and sp to see if i missed anything. It says what you can do, and makes no mention of what you cant.

A competitor should not rely solely upon this document when determining what modification are or are not legal for an intended class, but should also consult with the official scca rule book. Clearly advise of any changes required via email or fax. This rule book is published annually and each aspect of a solo event from safety, procedure, and classing is covered so it is used by both officials and competitors. Mail, fax, internet, phone and left bids are accepted.

The scca national solo rules are a membergenerated ruleset built and refined throughout the past 45 years. Although the miata autoxs are getting to be half and halfs. Purchases made by these methods, must have a credit card backup and payment received by nette within 7 days from the sale date or buyer agrees. Affect any right, privilege, obligation or liability acquired, accrued or incurred under any rule so annulled. Car classifications and groups sports car club of america. Radial wet h2o kumho ecsta v710 toyo proxes ra1 toyo proxes rr toyo proxes r888 yokohama advan a048 medium yokohama advan a048 medium hard competition tire prep services include tire shaving. Cars must conform to all specifications and rules applicable to regular formula ford 2000 per the current scca gcr with these exceptions. Honda articles, project cars, conversations, and more. As per section of the solo rule book, alternate parts must not provide any performance benefit. The class will be in appendix b of the 2014 scca solo rule book.

Supergt class is a collection of highperformance production racecars from around the world, the class pits american powerhouses against european exotics in a contest of global proportions. Reduction in the number of runs offered at the national championships may be done only with the concurrence of the chief steward, event chair, seb chair, and the solo department. The vehicle must have tire that meet the rules outlined in section. I know there is the scca, but are there other organizations that do these. Also, can anyone explain what is the best way to get involved. Sth street touring hatchback class question ford focus.

Current databases, methods and applications article in advances in experimental medicine and biology 827. Scca american sedan engine rule changes below is the table with key information. These rules shall come into operation on the first day of september 2015, but any annulment shall not. Unless an item is specifically authorized by this rule book, it shall be considered forbidden. Drivers suits, as outlined in the scca track trials rules, are required for unlimited class vehicles during on track sessions, they are not required for autocross. Good quality and the same physical size as previous rule books. Suitability of any car for ite is subject to the approval of the chief steward and chief scrutineer. Knockoff may17 page 1 jimz report mohawkhudson scca. The only problem with it is that it would take somebody many hours to type out all of the info that is already printed in the scca rule book. Car classifications and groups the following are the 28 classes that compete in scca club racing majors events. I run with a non scca club that uses scca classing for the most part, and they will be using the scca rule book.

However, if you read the tire rule for this particular class, it is not a permissive rule, rather the opposite, and scca makes note of this because it is not the norm. V refers to number of cylinders v8 or valves 8v rwd rear wheel drive. Exploring the ligandprotein networks in traditional chinese medicine. The 2015 rule book has the info on pages 33 and 34. Even though the entire rule book is available online, there are times when i need a hard copy. References to this online rule book are published on the. This addition to the 2015 pca club racing rules, appendix b seat belt specifications is effective immediately. This means that if it doesnt say you can do it, you cannot. Cars eligible for ite are production based cars with fenders and doors that are not currently eligible for any other scca club racing class. The rule itself is a paradox in that it includes the wording including center differential or transfer case. Being that you are running in my region, you would fall under dsp, nv2 as that is where the other street prepared, street modified category novices would play. Move the bmw 128i20082011, subaru brz 202016, and scion frs 202016 to dsp with limitations on fender cutting.

All solo events are run under current scca national solo rules with the following amendments. When i get a definitive answer i will post it here. The sac believes that aftermarket radiators that offer potential cooling enhancements could benefit performance and are not allowed. Junior drivers program will be run according to the rules of the solo rule book appendix g and appendix h. So that 10 tall rear spoiler is basically a big parachute that does provide some downforce at low speeds, but at the expense.

It is left to the racers discretion as to whether the strap material should be replaced more frequently than the. Scca solo sth prepped 2015 fost stage 3 tuned by stratified autovortech iccjpp catted downpipembrp catback exhaustmountune intake fortune auto coilovers wcustom 510 valving for 10k front 12k rearstrano rsbsteeda rear endlinks mag blue jnc 033 18x8. Hello folks, im joining you all this sunday and have a few random questions. The thread is used as an upcoming event reminder for any nesic members looking for.

Since the scca is no longer making the rule book available in printed form, this is the way to get it. Please read your proof carefully for spelling, grammar and layout. Class name if combined class, pax to be used abbreviation. Get started autoxing replaymans 91 mustang wcoyote.

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