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Link budget is a way of quantifying the link performance. A poorly designed path can result in periodic system outages, resulting in increased system latency, decreased throughput, or worst case, a complete. The technology matrix below shows modules suitable for each technology. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the planning, design, and deployment of wireless and wireline networks including microwave, fiberoptic, and other telecommunications systems. Report can be sent to the printer, or saved in the formats pdf, microsoft word or excel. Atoll microwave is a stateoftheart pointtopoint and pointtomultipoint microwave link planning software. You can print the report or save it as pdf, microsoft word or excel. Microwave path link calculations are performed as a part of detailed microwave system design, and all the. These advantages give microwaves a special place in the world of rf engineering, where they are used in pointtopoint wireless communications networks, satellite communications, radar systems and even radio astronomy.

Pointtopoint wireless link planning planning for wireless pointtopoint microwave and millimeter wave systems in the telecommunications world, a pointtopoint link connections is, quite simply, a connection between two nodes endpoints that are some particular distance apart. Microwave links play an important role in the broadcasting industry by linking main radio and television studios with remote transmitter stations. See the atoll microwave brochure for more information about this product. Microwave network planning and design frequency planning. Pdf semiautomated microwave radio link planning tool. It allows designing large microwave link networks, according to the itu standards. Once completed they will be able to design and maintain cost effective solutions. Pointtopoint and pointtomultipoint microwave link planning software. Use updated maps that are not more than a year old. Introduction when planning a long road trip to a remote destination, one of the first considerations is the fuel requirement.

Microwave training course, microwave radio link planning and frequency management. Information on importing these files is in a pdf file contained in the download. New thinking needs to be applied to old concepts to revolutionize the way we plan and operate microwave radio networks. Atoll microwave is a comprehensive microwave link planning tool.

It would be best to save the completed workbook under a new name, then start on new systems with the original file. With the right expertise, a microwave link can be easily designed and installed in even the most difficult situations to provide an inexpensive, and quickly deployed network. Microwave link design is a methodical and systematic and sometimes lengthy process that include. A planners guide to terrestrial microwave link planning. From the comparison of a road to a telecom circuit the guide takes the user through the structure of the earth. All the typical issues that arise in an installation are covered, from the selection of one type of antenna over another, the actual routine of installation, hoisting and aligning. Most installers know that clear line of sight is required. User guide mlinkplanner microwave link planning software.

For more information about creating a path profile of microwave link hops, visit our youtube channel. Planning a good, stable and reliable microwave network can be quite. After the preliminary microwave network plan has been approved, detailed. As a second step the channels of the individual mw links were shifted into the frequency s ubband dedicated for the operator. It is based on the atoll core platform and has full database compatibility with atoll radioplanning con. In this article, the basics of designing and planning a microwave radio link will be discussed.

Mlinkplanner is a powerful and userfriendly tool for designing microwave pointtopoint ptp and pointtomultipoint ptmp links. A path profile is a vertical sectional view of the terrain by a plane passing through both ends of the hop, with information about terrain elevation, building and tree. Radio network planning tools basics, practical examples. George takes you through the most important aspects in microwave path engineering and design, with a.

Some manufacturers of ofdm orthogonal frequency division multiplexingbased equipment claim to offer fixed wireless systems with nonlineofsight functionality. In this case, the neighboring links should have different channels. Network planning depends not only on the coverage but also on load. Therefore, analysis and planning of a microwave link is very much important. The microwave equipment can be installed after a careful planning and detailed analysis a microwave radio system. Ducting and its effects on radio links is also treated. When the link to be established interleaves with an existing one, the quadruplefrequency system can be used for the former provided the same system is used for the existing link. Microwave radio antenna link fundamentals sp6105 starting with microwave basics of transmission, the course steps through the installation of a microwave antenna. Microwave link design is a methodological, systematical and lengthy process in telecommunication industry that include lossattenuation calculations, fading and fade margin calculations, frequency. Radiomobile is a widelyavailable software package which can be used for microwave link planning, including path profiling and clearance criteria, power budgets, choosing antenna sizes and tower heights.

The results and deliverables of the microwave network design process will be used during the deployment stage for the actual installation and testing of the microwave system. This software program is a comprehensive path design tool and it can be used for radio. Pdf link budget is a main estimate in telecommunication microwave link planning for accurate and reliable link. The performance of any communication link depends on the quality of the equipment being used. When you use the microwave link planning features, you can access the following propagation models. Introduction to microwave example of a cablefree microwave link installation. Pathloss microwave radio link design and planning software. It allows designing large microwave link networks, according to itu recommendations, industry standards, and operator guidelines. Microwave transmission is the transmission of information by microwave radio waves.

Fresnel zone microwave planning in radio communications, a fresnel zone fren. A special chapter on a microwave link crossing an airport runway is included. Relying on trusted engineering methods, it incorporates all the latest itu specifications required for accurate network design. Twofrequency system and quadruplefrequency system used in microwave frequency planning. Ellipse is a software application for the dimensioning, planning and optimization of microwave link and wired backhaul networks. Mlinkplanner is allinone software for microwave point to point link planning. Microwave link design is a methodical, systematic, and sometimes lengthy process that includes the following main activities. Atoll microwave is a stateoftheart pointtopoint and pointtomultipoint backhaul planning and optimisation software. One considers the storage capacity and rate of consumption to calculate the fuel required to not only reach the. Although an experimental 40mile 64 km microwave telecommunication link across the english channel was demonstrated in 1931, the development of radar in world war ii provided the technology for practical exploitation of microwave communication. Inasmuch as a microwave link is a circuit between terminals. Microwave backhaul for lte and beyond alcatellucent application note 5 alcatellucent 9500 mpr and lte backhaul the alcatellucent microwave packet radio mpr holds the leadership position for packet microwave globally, and is a key component in alcatellucents award winning endtoend mobile backhaul solution. Pdf how to design a microwave link christian muamba.

If the file name is changed from the supplied link planning tool. Link budget is a main estimate in telecommunication microwave link planning for accurate and reliable link. As a conseq uence the access capacity of link 2 and link 5 was doubled. The activities of microwave path planning and frequency planning preferably should be performed in parallel with line of sight activities and other network design activities for best efficiency.

This article describes microwave lineofsight radio, one of several transmission media in modern telecommunications networks. Microwave training radio link planning and frequency. At the end of this course the student will understand the essentials of transmission engineering and will be able to design and manage microwave networks. Document describe microwave planing system using pathloss 4. You will take part in a comprehensive microwave design certification course developed in collaboration with george kizer, a pioneer and subject matter expert in the field of microwave design and author of digital microwave communication. Lossattenuation calculation fading and fade margin calculation frequency planning and interference calculation quality an availability calculation the whole process is iterative and may go through many redesign phases before the. The course presents the basic theory, procedures, and techniques for microwave communication systems an microwave radio link planning and frequency management. In the 1950s, large transcontinental microwave relay. Fujitsu is your expert resource for designing superior microwave. Pdf a planners guide to terrestrial microwave link planning. Careful link planning and management make this possible without interference becoming a problem. If possible, the microwave antenna should be clear of any rfconductive objects within a horizontal spacing equal to the distance to the end of the nearfield.

User guide part 2 mlinkplanner microwave link planning. The received power in an wireless link is determined by three factors. Pdf microwave transmission node optimization for access. Mlinkplanner was created by engineers with many years of experience in designing microwave links, from single hop access links to highpower longhaul trunk lines. Microwave training course presents the stateoftheart in microwave radio communications. This course is designed to teach students the essence of microwave path planning. Cablefree radiomobile microwave link planning example. Pathloss uses terrain, antenna and microwave radio data to calculate suitable scenarios for microwave linking.

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