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This type of change reality with your thoughts is from the charismatic word faith heresy. But now that rick warren has traveled to and provided legitimacy to a hostile foreign. Obviously we should not easily call other people a heretic, but if they publicly teach doctrine long recognized by the church as false, then we ought to call it out. Washington rick warren, the superstar megachurch pastor and bestselling author of. Rick warren, renowned pastor of saddleback church in lake forest, california, and chief architect of the purposedriven ministry empire, has influenced thousands of pastors and christian leaders around the world with his bestselling book the purposedrivenchurch and his purposedriven church growth seminars now, warren has targeted the christian layperson with his latest new york times. A few months ago, jeff maples from pulpit and pen did an article exposing rick warrens heresy at hillsong conference 2015. He said this in an attempt to defend the fact that john. A worldwide revolution, warren tells angel stadium crowd. Rick warren, pastor of the largest southern baptist church in the world, has become a household name. An examination of rick warrens teaching on exponential growth. Rick warren got his church building model from peter drucker, robert schuller. Three reasons why rick warren is a heretic hopes reason. Rick warren, for the true christian, is an obvious apostate. Plan, catholicism, allegiance with the pope, mariolatry, universalism, promotion of the new world order nwo, his disparagement of christian fundamentalists, easy believism, no repentance.

Rick warren, the law of attraction, the secretmore heresy. In less than 20 seconds, rick warren states that homosexuals do not go to hell for that sin, and that salvation is actually very easy. Warren is an unsaved spiritual destitute man, who teaches the lordship salvation heresy. Heretic rick warren says active homosexuals are going to heaven if they accept jesus christ. Some notes from the advice that warren gave to the unbelievers to help them build their congregations. A stronghold is a set of beliefs or collection of ideas, information and knowledge about experiences which is not of god and so cannot be the truth, and therefore consists of lies so needs to be discarded. There are many preaching false doctrine from the bible. After 18 years of exposure to falsehood, no doubt you. Rick warren is the founding pastor of saddleback church in lake forest, california, and to get right to the point, he is a false prophet when the light of gods word is shined upon his works.

Rick warren is the founder and senior pastor of saddleback church, an evangelical megachurch located in lake forest, california, currently the eighthlargest church in the united states. While technically his theology is orthodox he affirms the trinity, deity of christ, salvation by grace, etc. It is a response to the muslim document, a common word between us and you. Exposing rick warren alerting christians about rick warren. Peter wagner, rick warrens former doctoral mentor at fuller theological seminary,3 explains that what warren and brian mclaren were saying is actually what robert schuller has been teaching for years. I took a class where we had to read the purpose driven church by pastor rick warren, and write a book report on it. I am not saying that no one has ever been bornagain saved at a rick warren event. They come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. As saint teresa of avila observed of the protestant heretics of her day. Rick warren is founding pastor of saddleback church in lake.

How rick warrens congregation grew by malcolm gladwell in the new. Warrens type of god who loves everyone as a special object of his love is utter heresy. The purpose driven life demeans the very nature of god berean. Todd friel of wretched radio recently made the claim that rick warren was not a heretic. A sample of the strange teachings of rick warren rick warren insults older saints and those who oppose purpose driven teachings in their church. All formats, multimedia, audiomp3, video, ebook, epub, kindle mobi. An analysis of warrens purpose driven growth strategy evangelical leaders proclaim god of islam and god of bible as one god rick warren preached no gospel at ted talks. Lighthouse trails research project exposing the new.

Rick warren denies bible prophecy as taught by jesus in the gospels such as matt 24 and the book of revelation. Rick warren exposed for pushing dangerous teachings on imagination by churchwatcher on may 9, 2015 1 chris rosebrough tackled a very dangerous teaching that rick warren promoted not long ago. A true church rick warren, the purposedriven death. These lengthly videos record many of rick warrens false teachings, including chrislam, his worldwide p. Author of the best selling book purposedriven life, he has more exposure both to the unsaved world and church than almost any other christian author. He is perhaps best known for the subsequent devotional, the purpose driven life, which has sold over 30. Rick warren partnering with mosques to teach that god and allah are the same. Rick warren said, sometimes protestants think that catholics worship mary like shes another god. It turned out to be a bestseller in a class all its own. Al mohlers embrace of heretic rick warren servus christi. Interview about rick warren with biographer jeffrey sheler on, january 19, 2010 letter from saddleback. Rick warren has influenced over 500,000 churches with his church growth.

Rick warren is the head pastor at the orange county based megachurch saddleback church where the average weekly attendance is around 20,000. It is to equip, edify and encourage bornagain christians so they can be effective in their witness. Im saying is that there is very little evidence that rick warren believes in the jesus christ of the bible, and a lot of evidence that warren. In other words, warren may listen to the biblical rebuke of someone exposing his heresy. Rick warren of saddleback church teaches the heresy once saved always saved in various ways. Wagner points out that schuller is a pioneer of focusing on the mission of the church rather than prophecy eschatology. Friends, too many religious leaders are making headlines for practicing syncretism. What are we to make of rick warrens the purpose driven life. Im saying is that there is very little evidence that rick warren believes in the jesus christ of the bible, and a lot of evidence that warren believes in a false newage idol he. Through an indepth 200page study guide and sixpart dvd teaching video, youll learn how to dig deeper during your devotional time. See a critique of wilkersons false teachings comparing what he says with scripture.

Rick warrens purpose driven life is not sound biblically. Rick warrens false teachings scriptural flaws in the purpose driven life on pages 910 of rick warrens purpose driven life, rick states. But when you define the vision, youre choosing who leaves. I am not saying that everyone who works with rick warren is unsaved. I am not saying everyone who has studied rick warren is a heretic. John piper to have purpose driven pope rick warren as the keynote speaker at the recently concluded dg 2010 conference think. The way rick warren elevated the human imagination above truth, faith, reason and the bible is simply breathtaking.

Warren has also authored a number of christian books including the purpose driven life and many others in the purpose driven series. We could talk a great deal about the differences between the biblical view of mary and the roman catholic one. If someone has 68 close friends in the congregation, they will stick. I knew almost nothing of rick warren or his purpose driven material, so decided i would read this book that, judging by the shelf space it had been given at the christian bookstore, was the next big thing for evangelicals. Joseph farah of world net daily exposed warrens misguided visit by writing. We gather weekly sept may in prayer, praise and study of gods word. Sproul, a fellow speaker with rick warren at the recently concluded dg 2010 conference think.

The purpose driven life by rick warren has become a number 1 bestseller in both christian as well as secular bookstores, and has been distributed to over 180,000 pastors worldwide according rick warrens own web site. Rick warrens advice mirrors the new age gnosticism found within the pages of the secret. Many evangelicals love rick warren and many evangelicals have major problems with rick warren. Rick warren on imdb rick warren collected news and commentary. Profane pastor ryan meeks exposed homosexuality youtube. What manual of church discipline are you following. Calvary chapel church says so long to the cc association. A sample of the strange teachings of rick warren the. Saddleback church in orange county, california, home to superpastor rick warren obama inauguration, purpose driven life, etc. And i told you earlier the fact that people are gonna leave the church no matter what you do.

Billions of people suffer each day from problems so big no government can solve them, said warren, pastor of one of americas largest congregations, saddleback valley community church in lake forest, calif. His book, the purpose driven church, spawned a series of conferences on christian ministry and evangelism. Pastor rick warren shows you how to get more out of gods word and grow closer to jesus in his 40 days in the word study kit. Rick warren, pastor of the largest southern baptist church in the world, has. He, along with many others, has signed a document titled, loving god and neighbor together. There are numerous false doctrines exposed on this web page. Todd friel defends rick warren jacob prasch responds. A few years ago i was handed a copy of the purpose driven life and told that i really ought to read it. Rick warren exposed for pushing dangerous teachings on. An examination of rick warrens teaching on exponential growth by brian jonson. For the wrath of god is revealed from heaven against all ungodli ness and.

Next story al mohlers embrace of heretic rick warren. In his ecumenical outreach, southern baptist pastor rick warren has associated with the apostate roman catholic church, the united nations, the council on foreign relations, and the tony blair faith foundation. A christian response to a common word between us and you. Rick warrens purpose driven life uses 15 different. One can clearly see that warren is not at all confident or comfortable in what he is saying. Rick warren once again caught up in controversy, part 1. Along with topical type bible teaching, it will supply other toolsinc videosto inform,warn and alert believers within these last days of deception.

Warren is the author of numerous bestselling books and. Rick warren refuses to discuss the coming, biblical tribulation when antichrist will be revealed, as maitreya, the world teacher. Sadly, very few people do their homework when considering their own pastors, so the wolves have taken advantage of this fact to keep multitudes in their blinded condition. Whenever god wanted to prepare someone for his purposes, he took 40 days and then he lists eight examples from scripture that supposedly support his claim.

Amid the ensuing backlash piper doubled down and invited warren to a sit down to grill him on doctrine in an attempt to assuage the anger and confusion of those around him. Most studies include dvd presentations followed by discussion questions. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of god, and bringing into. Rick warren, along with a host of other false christian leaders, has committed fornication with the false god of islam.

Warren overtly lauds pope francis and all things catholic, and is the progenitor of the unbiblical purposedriven and p. Here at the online apologetics and discernment apprising ministries, ive been following the aftermath of the dubious decision made by dr. There are many other false prophecies in david wilkersons newsletters about the end times this is only a small sampling. His ministries extend around the world and warren has been invited. Richard duane warren born january 28, 1954 is an american evangelical christian pastor and author. Is this a book and teaching that can help you live a useful and fulfilling life as a. Heretical hillsong conference 2015 speaker rick warren. Nothing on earth is more important than understanding the true will of god as revealed to mankind in his word, the bible. As spiritual adultery increases in the church, false prophets will flourish as highly sought after speakers, and as christians accept more of these false teachings. Purpose driven, rick warren, henri nouwen, brennan manning, spiritual formation, willow creek, emerging church, mysticism, global peace plan, mantra meditation, new age, be still dvd, the secret, the shack, ken wilber, marianne williamson, barbara marx hubbard, neale donald walsch, tilden edwards, jack canfield, oprah winfrey, ken blanchard. Rick warren founded the saddleback church in lake forest, ca, in 1980, which today stands as the americas eighthlargest church.

Warren instructs the reader to find a quiet place and talk to god about your ministry. Transformed study guide copies rae gals bible study. Calvary chapels steady slide into apostasy servus christi. He infamously invited purpose driven heretic rick warren to the 2010 desiring god conference. The purpose driven church by rick warren is like the tale. Rick warren once said, i see absolutely zero reason in separating my fellowship from anybody. Welcome to members of a ladies bible study small group, hosted by rae sprow of woodland community church in bradenton, florida. Author of the best selling book purposedriven life, he has more exposure. Rick warren is arguably the most influential man in american religion today.

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